Foy's Lake Beauty of Nature

Foy’s Lake

FOY’s Lake is the most beautiful natural asset of Bangladesh & Foy’s lake is the largest natural lake of all around the country was named from Mr. Foy, as the British East India Company Officer.  Now has been undertaken by Concord international development company for 100 years of leasing to build the largest theme park in Bangladesh.
The story is about 130years. There are two things. A woman and a black shadow. The black shadow only make thing happens very weird. Sometime it hits on people after the evening behind the old lake. On the other side, the young woman is the warning sign for the people to leave from this place. Some evidence also said that often she sat on a curve of two hills where nobody can be sited. Real weird. Don’t be late to catch 'em up!

Now Foy’s Lake Amusement World is a modern park located in the coronary heart of Chittagong, Bangladesh. Foy’s Lake Amusement World is located in the exact same complicated because Sea World as well as Foy’s Lake Hotels. The Foy’s Lake amusement parks are in an appealing environment decorated by inclines, a lake as well as eco-friendly woodlands located in Pahartoli, Chittagong upon approximately 330 Miles of property. Chittagong is a main interface town of Bangladesh located southern of Dhaka with great transportation hyperlinks from the funds. Chittagong is regarded as by numerous because the most breathtaking area of the nation because of to its natural splendor made up of the seashore, inclines, streams, woodlands as well as valleys.

Now try to show some beautiful picture of Foy’s Lake which on is the great natural resource of Bangladesh:


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