Natural Beauty of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a area of natural beauties. It is located in south-east asia. It has many wonderful scenary and culture. It has the lengthiest organic unbroken sea seaside called Cox's Bazar. Teknaf a position located by the side of Naf stream. This also represents the end point of Cox's Bazar seaside. "saint Martin" a little island in the northeast part of the Bay of Bengal. The local name of the isle is Narikel Jinjira significance "Coconut Island" in Arabic. The isle is house to several vulnerable varieties of turtles, as well as the corals, some of which are found only on this isle. "Maheshkhali" is a little island off the Cox's Bazar shore

The isle offers spectacular picturesque elegance and is protected by a range of low mountains. The shorelines of the isle on the western and northern form a low-lying system that is surrounded by the mangrove jungles. "Inani Beach"This is another spectacular position. Inani is full of stony seaside and the peacefulness and comfort of Inani is amazing. Globe's biggest Mangrove woodlands Sundarbans which is also well known for its well-known Elegant Bengal Competition. Sundarban is the property to many different varieties of crazy birds, animals, bugs, reptiles and fish. Over 120 varieties of fish and over 260 varieties of crazy birds have been documented in the Sundarban.

The Gangetic River Dolphin is common in the waterways. Its elegance can be found in its unique organic around. A large number of winding sources, streams, waterways and estuaries have improved its attraction. Sundarban is the organic environment of the well-known Elegant Bengal Competition, identified deer, crocodiles, woodlands chicken, crazy boar, reptiles, these goof and an numerous variety of wonderful crazy birds. Migratory head of Siberian geese traveling over countless numbers of cruise vessels packed with wood, golpatta, petrol wood, sweetie, spend and fish further add to the relaxing organic benefit the Sundarban.

Bangladesh is also a area of waterways. So many waterways have ran through the country making it a wonderful waterland. There is always the play of light and colour in the area. She loves the pleasure of warm weather, high-class of colors and brings an benefit an endless field of vegetation.

Her natural areas stuffed with fantastic vegetation, the clean blue and gloomy sky, her moonlit and pitch-dark night all these present moments of loving attraction and elegance. In Bangladesh, six periods in their unique tasks. There are some hilly areas in Bangladesh which are the property of organic attraction. The tea landscapes in the mountain in Sylhet are wonderful areas. There is a natural rug of tea vegetation on little


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