Natural Beauty With Technology

Technology & Nature

Advances in technology are changing the area of creature’s efficiency, revolutionizing the way we observe varieties, manage protected places and include the community in efficiency. Technology for Characteristics is an interesting new partnership between the Zoological Community of London, uk, School College London, uk and Ms Research.
These three leading companies bring together the best technology, technical knowledge and technical advancement skills on the globe and couple this with proven ability to deliver on-the-ground efficiency solutions. Each company brings its own specialism to the table: ZSL's
comprehensive history of area efficiency, UCL's technical advancement expertise and Ms Research's software design abilities.

The Technology for Characteristics effort is concentrating on distant tracking and monitoring on land, in the sea and from space. Tasks consist of ZSL’s iBats project,      which watches bat communities worldwide by eavesdropping on species' echolocation calls, and Instant Wild,        an iPhone app and web website which allows people to immediately recognize varieties in pictures taken from distant camera blocks in ZSL's area projects. Other distant tracking projects for area efficiency work are in growth and, wherever possible, will consist of "citizen science" elements to engage the community in efficiency and enthuse and inform the next generation. Find out more about ZSL's new tools  

The Technology for Characteristics associates meet regularly to advance current projects and recognize new places suitable for joint growth that would be likely to quickly improve the impact of efficiency initiatives all over the globe. Inquiries from other companies that would like to be involved in this interesting cooperation are most welcome.    .


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